Lawn Mowing Techniques

According to the experts, the entire process of lawn care and maintenance requires some expertise and a deep knowledge, irrespective of whether you live in Sydney, Australia or San Jose, California.

  • The experts from the companies engaged in turf supplies Sydney say that lawn mowing is essential for giving your grass the healthy look, no matter which home grass it is. Here are some steps recommended by them.
  • To start with, regular mowing or cutting, edging around hard surfaces, trimming around trees, walls and so on is very critical.
  • These crucial steps would allow the lawn to thicken and become denser and denser.
  • Good quality mowing done as a part of turf services would make sure that stoloniferous grass is spread laterally.
  • However, for this, one thing that has to be taken care of is that mowing should be done at even and correct height.
  • The above-mentioned technique is applied equally to all kinds of turfs including warm season grasses like couch grass [also known ad Bermuda grass], Kikuyu turf, Zyosia grass, buffalo grass or the very popular St. Augustine grass.
  • One more benefit of regular lawn mowing [if done in warmer months] is that the aboveground runners or the stolons and the below ground runners or the rhizomes are encouraged to spread quickly and evenly.
  • One thing that the experts of turf supplies say that with turfs that only feature stolons, this mowing should be done higher than shorter. This is recommended to prevent any damage to the lawn.
  • Turfs that feature both rhizomes and stolons can be cut short, but only in their aggressive growing season. For example –
  • Bowling greens, golf courses and cricket ground turfs are made using the couch version that needs maintenance all year round.
  • A very important point to note in this regards is that your mowing contractor should not perform this action in your lawn without a catcher.
  • This is recommended because it is rather detrimental as without this, they won’t be able to pick up the grass clipping along with all other leaf materials that falls on the turf from trees.
  • According to the experts of turf services, these leaf matters and leaf particles that eventually build up the debris that makes it tough for the grass to breathe.
  • Because the process is confusing and complicated, experts recommend availing the services of the experts to make sure that it is completed quickly and precisely.